Q: What is microblading?

Microblading is a technique of tattooing that involves a hand-held tool with fine needles that are configured in a row to resemble a blade. This tool is able to create realistic looking hair-like strokes in the skin by dipping the needles in a pigment then etching the skin and depositing the pigment into the upper dermal layer. It is highly creative and the ability to achieve super realistic hair strokes is dependent on the skill/experience and artistry of the technician. The post-procedure healing process is also more comfortable for the client, with less swelling and redness. Most clients are able to go back to work and or social functions on the same day of the procedure.

Q: Are new needles used?

Absolutely! New needles are always used and disposed of after each use.

Q: How long does the microblading technique last?

Depending on the individual, tattooed brows will last 1-2 years. Genetics, type of skin-care regimen, diet, and using sunblock are some factors that contribute to the fading.

Q: Is it painful?

Each person’s pain threshold is different, allowing some to tolerate more pain than others. With the application of a topical anesthetic, most clients experience little to no pain during the procedure. For a few others, the pain can be likened to having your eyebrows plucked.

Q: How long is the procedure?

Approximately 1.5 hours for eyebrows.

Q: How many appointments are required?

Consultations are welcomed but not required as there will be time spent at the procedure appointment drawing in the brows, discussing colour and answering any questions that the client may have before starting. At the procedure appointment, a release agreement and client history form will need to be filled and signed. A second session is most often scheduled in order to see the healed brows. Some heal very well and require no touch up, while some may lose a stroke or more. Healing varies per person depending on factors of genetics, environment and after-care. Results are never guaranteed.

Q: Is my skin eligible for microblading?

If you have oily or sensitive skin, your skin may not be suitable for microblading as the resulting tattooed hairstroke may be more blurred and soft than on those with dry to normal skin. Oily skin will need touch ups sooner because the tattoo will fade faster. If this is the case that you have oily skin, an additional session may be required above the 2 sessions and will incur an additional charge for the third session.



  • Avoid taking any blood thinners such as aspirin (please check with doctor if on aspirin for medical reasons), vitamins C & E or alcohol 48 – 72 hours before procedure date .

Post procedure:

During the healing process (of approximately 10 days) absolutely no:

  • Suntanning
  • Picking of the skin
  • Make up, lotions/moisturizers
  • Avoid water.  If it gets wet, lightly pat dry…do not rub!
  • No swimming until healed!  Salt water will affect fading.
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the area for a month after.
  • Only touch area with clean hands to avoid infection!
  • Refrain from workouts that cause sweating for the next 10 days.
  • Apply Grapeseed Oil to moisturize area (use sparingly…just a drop!).  

Brows will get progressively darker from day 1 to when it peels due to scab formation.  The tattooed brows will start to peel around day 5 or 6.  Please do not pick on the flaking scab.  Full peeling should occur by day 10.  If scabs are still there at this point, you can try to pull lightly on the corner of it and if there is no pain or resistance, then you can continue to peel it off.  Since each hairstroke is individual, the scabs will come off as little pieces.  You may apply some eyeshadow or eyepencil colour to peeled areas if need be if brows have not fully peeled.

Brows will appear muted or greyish once they peel as the colour has not fully settled or surfaced yet.  It will take about a month for the brows to darken to its true colour.  Do not be concerned of lightness.  Any missing strokes will be added at the touch-up session.

Once area has healed, a sunscreen is highly recommended to prevent fading.

Results and healing time vary per person.



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