“Getting my eyebrows tattooed was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I naturally have light and short brows which made me have to spend 10-15 minutes every morning to fill them in… which was very annoying. Never thought I’d get them done thinking it would be painful until I found out that I will have a topical anesthesia applied prior to the procedure. Let me tell you, I felt NO PAIN at all, in fact I fell asleep during the service! I am so happy I found Trudy, my eyebrows look fabulously natural and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end results. Thanks Trudy, you are the best!”
Erica Fung, Toronto

Getting my brows done was a decision that took me quite some time to come to. I was nervous about the thought of having “permanent” make up not knowing what the result would look like. After a lot of research and comparison of other artists I decided on going with Trudy. I was really impressed by the technique she used as well as her before and after photos. I can say I am extremely pleased with the results. Trudy took the time to understand what look I was going for and was patient with all my picky requests. I was absolutely delighted with the results and no one could tell that my eyebrows were permanent make up as they looked so natural. It has now been 8 months and my eyebrows are still beautiful and I would recommend Trudy to anyone! In fact, I have friends and family who have already become her clients. Trudy is truly professional and really cares about her work which shows through her numerous follow ups and care of her clients. Natural Impressions is definitely the best permanent makeup in Toronto hands down!!!
Shazia, Toronto

“She does an amazing job, makes you feel very comfortable, and there is very minimal to no pain in the procedure! I would recommend anyone I know that is interested in doing eyebrow feathering to go here! I love my eyebrows!”
Alliyah, Toronto

“For quite some time I had been looking into having a permanent eyebrow procedure done. I was very wary, knowing that if I went to the wrong person I would be stuck with brows that I hated for the rest of my life.  About a month ago I found Trudy’s website. I was so impressed by her “before and after” photos that I knew right away that she was the artist I had been searching for, so I decided to take a trip from Buffalo, NY to Toronto to see her. I was very nervous at first but Trudy’s calm and personable demeanor almost immediately set me at ease. She contoured my filled-in brows so that they were the perfect shape for my face. The procedure was virtually painless and I was surprised by how quickly it was done. I absolutely love the results! My brows look so natural and the color she used was perfect. It’s such a relief not to have to draw in my brows every day or worry about smearing them. Having my eyebrows done by Trudy was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks so much, Trudy!”
Tanicia, Buffalo, NY

“Even though genetics blessed me with nice thick set of eyebrows, there were times when I would either overpluck or overfill my eyebrow, which would sometimes leave me looking like I had “angry eyebrows.” My problem was an issue of consistency and time. There were days when I just didn’t have the 5-10 minutes it took to groom my eyebrows leaving me frustrated and self conscious at times. My solution came in the form of aesthetician Trudy who had the experience, professional skills and talented hand to give me the strong but natural looking eyebrows that I had been trying to attain my self for many years. While eyebrow tattooing can seem like a painful and perhaps scary process, Trudy’s warm disposition and professionalism during the consultation put me at ease immediately and the process itself was relatively painless and quick. Later I met with my closest friends and family and I asked them if there was anything different about me? They hemmed and hawed and guessed that I changed my hair or that I got a new outfit, but no one guessed that I had my eyebrows done. After I revealed the truth, they were truly surprised because the eyebrows tattooing looked so completely natural and complimentary to my face. In the end I found the experience with Trudy highly positive, valuable and rewarding! Thank you Trudy!”
Lili, Toronto

“I’ve been thinking about getting my eyebrows done for a couple of years, but I was always afraid of committing. I deliver a lot of presentations in front of large groups of people, so naturally, I was very nervous. I did a lot of research before I found Trudy. She just “gets” eyebrows like few do. The shape of my brows is perfect, and they look so natural! The whole experience was enjoyable from start to finish…and no pain! If you are hesitant…don’t be. Do it! Do it now. Your eyebrows will thank you for it. ”
Emilia, Toronto

“While shopping around for a permanent makeup artist I came across Trudy’s “Natural Impressions” website, and that was the best thing that ever happened. One can imagine how frightening the prospect of having permanent eyebrows can be if not done right. Trudy’s practice and bedside manner are truly immaculate. She patiently listened to my every concern and suggestion. Only when I was pleased with the outline did she proceed. I never once felt pressured to have it done her way nor did she insist that I have the procedure done at all. My consultation turned into the procedure. That’s how sure I was that she could deliver the results I desired. The results were as perfect, I would say better, than the pricier competitors. Her practice is clean, safe and sanitary and her personality is a key factor in the overall experience. I felt that I could trust her from the moment I met her. Her friendly warm nature was refreshing! This is an experience you will not regret and the results were perfect. Thanks Trudy for laying my fears to rest and giving me the eyebrows I could only dream of!”
Divya, Toronto

For the last 30 years I have fussed and obsessed with pencils, powders and crayons to enhance my practically none-existent pale blonde brows……cue Trudy! – gorgeous NATURAL looking permanent eyebrows to rival Kate Middleton or Kim Kardasian lol , except mine are a shade of light brown that suit my hair, skin and face shape perfectly. I can not recommend Trudy more highly. I wish I had found her years ago.
Tricia, Toronto

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did with my eye brow feathering. It looks so natural and my fiancé thinks it looks natural and beautiful as well. He was really surprised at the amount of detail and precise hair strokes. I’m so pleased with the results and am excited to see the colour once it’s set in over the next few days. Thanks again Trudy, I will certainly recommend your work to any one I know.”
MC, Toronto

“I can’t believe I have waited this long to finally get it done! It’s the best self investment I have ever made – saves me so much time every morning and worry free! Thank you Natural Impression for your care, professionalism and commitment to enhancing our natural beauty. I love the work you have done and now can’t wait to start the day!”
Nancy, Toronto

I was excited to have my eyeliner done but at the same time a bit anxious. Having a previous tattoo done on my back, I had a notion of the level of pain and anticipated the sound of the loud buzz. Trudy explained each step of the procedure and ensured me that the pain would be very minimal. “Imagine my surprise when she started and I only felt a slight pinch! There was no loud buzz only the sound of our light conversation and the pain was non existent. Trudy was very caring and made sure that I was comfortable every step of the 40 minute session. Her warmly decorated room was very neat and clean and everything she used was in sealed packaging. My eyelids were a bit swollen as if I had cried but that quickly resided on the second day. I felt very well taken care of and that I was in good hands, Trudy really cares about the client and is truly skilled in her trade. No doubt, I will for sure recommend her to my friends.”
Sophia, Toronto

“Trudy is one of the most professional permanent makeup artists in Toronto. If you are thinking about having permanent makeup done, make sure you consult Trudy before you consult other artists. Permanent Makeup is just that, “Permanent”. Something that will last with you forever. So, before you commit yourself to having something done to you “permanently”- make sure you consult the best professionals out there, like I did. Talk to Trudy, talk to other makeup artists. She doesn’t force you to have anything done, and will be honest with you. If you are scared of the results, start with minimal work and go back for more sessions until you acheive the look that you want…. Trudy will be the first to promote that “less is more” and will work with you to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

My personal experience with Trudy was amazing. From my initial consultation, she took the time to listen to what I was looking for. I insisted that I wanted a “natural” look. Trudy promised me that she could give me that..and she did! I love what she has done for me!!! I started off with a very “soft” look (a very thin line was created on the upper-lash line) to see if I would like the results. Once it healed, I loved the look but wanted the look to be slightly enhanced. So, I went back a second time and had a slightly thicker liner applied to my top eye lids, and a dotted-procedure for my bottom eye lids – which is barely noticeable, but definitely draws attention to my “new” eyes. Throughout the process, Trudy asked me how I was doing and insisted that I let her know as soon as I felt any discomfort. Unlike other artists (that I have heard about), she didn’t just forge on ahead when she saw me wince, but instead, immediately stopped what she was doing and applied more anesthetic cream to the area; gave me a break, and then asked me when I was ready to proceed.

Another wonderful fact about her work, is that Trudy specializes in a technique that results in the least amount of trauma to your skin, so the healing process is quick and painless! A slight swelling on the second day occurs, but it is barely noticeable. Take it from me when I say that the final results are totally worth it! I LOVE my “natural” look. Thank you, Trudy!!!!”

Tanicia, Buffalo, NY

“Trudy and my new Eyebrows are Fabulous, I had my first permanent brows tattoed over 12 years ago, it was a not so pleasant tattoo process to say the least and they were thin and a blah blackish… Trudy was able to cover and shape the old eyebrows with a beautiful warm brown and with a very comfortable manual application (plucking my eyebrows hurts more). I will never need to cover these behind eyebrow pencil ever again!! Trudy, thank you…you and your work is AMAZING!!”
Jess S, Toronto

“After doing some research on micro-pigmentation for eyebrows in the GTA, I came across ‘Natural Impressions’ and was thoroughly impressed with Trudy’s work, pricing and professionalism. After setting up a weekend appointment (thanks to her flexible schedule), I came in to get my eyebrows done and left with beautiful and natural looking work. Trudy worked conservatively with the colours and the pain was minimal – similar to a wax or pluck job. She provided easy aftercare instructions and even followed up with me after my appointment to ensure that I was satisfied (and offered a free touch-up). The procedure has easily saved me 30-40 minutes of grooming time each day, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Trudy’s talent will not disappoint.”
Andrea Dyer, Hamilton

“Trudy was amazing! I was really nervous about getting my eyebrows done but she was very professional and comforting. The pain was very tolerable even when we didn’t use the numbing cream during my touch up. She picked a great colour for me. I thought it was too brown since my hair is a really dark brown/black, but once my brows healed and the colour settled, it looked great and natural!  She was also very accommodating when it came to scheduling around my unconventional work hours. I’m very happy with Trudy and my eyebrows! Thanks Trudy”
Suzy, Toronto


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